Book Swap for Primary Students on January 29th

We hope you have enjoyed your previous books that you got from Lingowl Book Club and no doubt lots of books over Christmas and Birthdays, now we want to give you the chance to swap your books with your classmates.

From 8.30am in the Hall at Malherbe International School, we welcome children of all primary classes (Year 1 to Year 6) to bring up to 4 books that they have finished reading and want to swap. (Please note… this is not a clear out, the goal is for the children to choose the books they want to swap and not for the parents)

The books brought in to swap should be in English, and of a level appropriate for your child’s age – please do not bring a book that is clearly targeted to a younger child.

Each child will be given a ticket with the number of books they have given and can swap with their classmates in the library.

These books will be laid out in the library and during the morning the classes will come up and exchange their ticket for a book and then bring them home.

Any questions, please feel free to email me at or if you want to check out our website for all language resources and books at