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An ideal setting for your child to thrive
Our school offers an ideal learning environment within a dynamic and caring atmosphere. Come visit our campus located alongside beautiful park surroundings.
An ideal setting for your child to thrive
Primary classes
Our primary curriculum combines the best of the English and the French education in order to enable our pupils to move on to any school in the world once they graduate from MIS International School. English is the school's main language of instruction, with a curriculum based on the British education programme. Two half-days of French language instruction with specific French instructors are also provided.
Primary classes
Our Middle School
Malherbe International Secondary School offers a truly bilingual education to our students, within a small class setting allowing each child to excel. All core academics follow the English National Curriculum and the French National Curriculum, preparing our students for success in an international, British, or French high school.
Our Middle School
Montessori nursery
The Montessori method encourages the child's independence and autonomy while encouraging them to explore and learn to the maximum of their potential. All of our nursery and preschool teachers are Montessori trained and have significant experience working with young children.
Montessori nursery





Nursery and pre-primary follow the Montessori philosophy. Primary classes are taught through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning to optimize the learning experience.




We welcome students from over 25 nationalities. 60% of our students are international or have a dual citizenship. Our curriculum offers English and French instruction with the possibility of Spanish.
Through our cultural diversity we celebrate many international traditions.


Staff Diversity


Our teaching staff has backgrounds in Education from many parts of the world.


They bring to MIS a diversity of learning experiences.







Malherbe International School is a bilingual school located in the Western suburbs of Paris.


Founded in 1990, our school serves the international community. Classes are taught in English by English trained teachers. In addition there are two half days a week in French for Primary students, and weekly sessions of optional French as a Foreign Language lessons for our Pre-Primary students. Our Middle School classes offer a truly bilingual education with French language, literature and Humanities lessons and other subjects such as Mathematics and Science taught in English by specialist teachers.


Our program is grounded in principles of child development and learning is centered around the needs, interests and learning styles of individual students. The curriculum followed at MIS incorporates targets set by the English National Curriculum Board.  Additionally French pedagogical directives are attained to ensure that when students leave MIS they will have reached the appropriate level of achievement. Our nursery and pre-primary (preschool) classes are based on the Montessori approach.


In addition to the curriculum subjects students have music, sports and IT (from age 5). Many of the curriculum subjects are taught through topic work, so that separate subjects can be easily distinguished. The teachers plan a balance of curriculum to ensure efficient time is allocated to each activity to enable a worthwhile learning experience.


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15/02/2021 au 19/02/2021Winter Holiday camp at MIS

22/10/2020Halloween writing workshop at MIS on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of October

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