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circle time

Morning circle time: Show & Tell

preprimary number work

Malherbe International School's nursery and pre-primary classes offer a perfect environment for children to explore a variety of different activities from the 5 Montessori classroom areas: Sensorial,  Practical life, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Cultural Studies.


In addition, the Jolly Phonics method for teaching phonics has been integrated into our program to maximize the students' learning and facilitate their transition into Primary.


Over the course of the day, the children will explore a number of different activities from the different classroom areas, and they will also partake in group activities such as Show & Tell or Story Time during circle times. Other activities include cooking classes, tending the vegetable garden or caring for the school's chickens.


During the Montessori work cycle, students may choose to work alone or with a friend, learning to respect each others' boundaries. The teacher will act as a guide, helping the children to assimilate key concepts and refine their skills and senses. 


Each year the teachers in preprimary (preschool) choose a theme for the year upon which the learning experience is based. Field trips are also selected to enrich the curriculum. This year’s theme is “Young Explorers”

The children started off the year exploring in the garden and the park learning about Mini Beasts and their habitats.  They watched how the leaves changed colour in Autumn and collected chestnuts which were used in class to improve their counting skills. Next they explored Space, where the children learnt about the people who travel there, the Planets, stars, the Moon and its phases. As the season changed to Winter the children travelled to the Arctic and the Antarctic to find out about the animals who lived there.  They experimented with water and ice.


Our preschool students have weekly music and sports lessons with a specialist teacher, and Introduction to French classes are offered twice a week to help our foreign pupils develop the verbal skills they need to be fully integrated into their local environment. The children also viit the school library every week in order to borrow a book that they can share with their family at home. 



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