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Primary Overview

At Malherbe International School, all is set in place to offer your child an optimal learning environment with high standards and a broad and rich curriculum. MIS has an outstanding record of preparing children for transfer to other schools in their home environment, or to middle schools in the Paris area.


Primary classroom at Malherbe International School

Our highly experienced staff and small class sizes ensure individual attention, excellence in teaching and enjoyment of learning. The maximum staff/pupil ratio is 1:20 and the average class size is 15.  

Also, all classrooms for children in Year 1 and above are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards.

Please refer to the following table in order to determine your child’s class level:


Age* UK/MIS United States France
5 Reception* / Year 1 Kindergarten Grande section
6 Year 1 * / Year 2 Grade 1 CP
7 Year 2 * / Year 3 Grade 2 CE1
8 Year 4 Grade 3 CE2
9 Year 5 Grade 4 CM1
10 Year 6 Grade 5 CM2


* If student is born between September and December


Our teachers deliver a curriculum which offers an excellent level of academic achievement while continuing to foster a child’s creative, emotional and physical needs.

Our students follow a rich bilingual program with 4 days of instruction in English based on the English national curriculum and two half-days of French instruction, either following the French national education curriculum for our native French pupils, or a French as a Foreign Language class for French language learners. 


Children benefit from specialist teachers in French and Music.

Classes take place Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm.


Sample primary timetable

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