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Special events

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There are numerous special events held during the school year, which incorporate the various international backgrounds of students and staff.


Popular celebrations include: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, Mardi gras, St Patrick’s and Easter.


For Christmas the school celebrates with a Christmas concert performed by the children for their families. As well, there is a Christmas Fête organized by our enthusiastic Parent’s Association.


During the warmer months the students participate in our Sports Day. The classes are all divided into new mixed-age teams which then compete in various sports activities, highlighting the spirit of team playing and fun.


The culmination of the school year is celebrated at our Summer Fête, which the Parent’s Association organizes annually. The day comprises of fun filled games, actives, music and an international BBQ. New families are invited to join us on this day to meet our large family at MIS. 


Other special occasions are also organized throughout the year by our teaching staff to celebrate the students' academic progress. For instance, the Primary school students will work hard to create an original manuscript for the Young Authors' competition. Their stories are then typed, illustrated and reviewed by a committee of teachers who then select the winning pieces at the final award ceremony.






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