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Malherbe International Secondary School is a bilingual middle school program that prides itself on an innovative approach to education extending beyond the typical classroom experience. 


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 Our program emphasizes the much-needed whole child approach. It instills confidence and independence in adolescents before they are completely immersed in the demands of young adulthood and high school.


Located just next to the main MIS Primary building, MIS Secondary welcomes students between the ages of 11 and 15. Our program offers a truly bilingual education to our students, within a small class setting allowing each child to excel. All core academics follow the English National Curriculum and the French National Curriculum, preparing our students for success in an international, British, or French high school. 


Students in their final year of middle school will be preparing for the iGCSE examinations, as well as the Brevet National des Collèges for families who choose this option.. 


The small class sizes at MISS allow each student to benefit from an individualized program. Students successfully attain and master all of the required middle level skills while working at their own pace. The teacher’s role is of a facilitator guiding each individual student, rather than teaching to the class as a whole. The MISS team encourages students to understand their personal capabilities and to push themselves beyond their comfort zone while exploring and mastering the curriculum. 


Here is a break-down of the subjects taught:


English Language & Humanities
French Language & Humanities
Mathematics in French
Arts & Technology
Physical Education
Citizenship & Project Based Learning

5 hours/week
5 hours/week

4 hours/week

1.5 hours/week

4 hours/week
2 hours/week
2 hours/week
2 hours/week

2.5 hours/week



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