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COVID-related measures at MIS


​Malherbe International School takes the health of its pupils and staff very seriously. We are lucky to have a small school with plenty of indoor and outdoor space, making the application of the strictest sanitary guidelines easier.


Since last March 2020, MIS adheres to the Sanitary Protocol of the French Ministry of Education. This protocol can be viewed freely by all, and is available on the following government page:



Key elements

The national sanitary protocol relies on 5 fundamental elements:

  • Application of barrier gestures
  • Face masks when indoors for all adults and students as of age 6 (Year 2)
  • Hand hygiene
  • Cleaning and ventilating school premises
  • Limiting groups of students mixing


Classroom organization and social distancing

  • Students as of Year 2 maintain a distance of 1 meter from other children when indoors, or maintain the greatest distance possible given the classroom configuration. Social distancing does not apply for students when they are outside.
  • Social distancing will not be enforced for children inside or outside for students up to Year 1 included.
  • Face masks are compulsory indoors for all adults and students as of Year 2 at all times of the day, except during meal times. 
  • Students in pre-primary and Year 1 do not wear a mask in school.


Cleaning and disinfecting

Sensitive areas, such as toilets, railings, door handles etc… are regularly disinfected and cleaned throughout the day.
A thorough cleaning and disinfecting of school premises and equipment is conducted every day by our cleaning company.
All rooms are aired out regularly throughout the day, in particular during break times and lunchtimes.


Timetable and logistical changes

The daily timetable has been reorganized to minimize the number of interactions between students of different classes. Each social group has a different play area or recess time, and eats at a different time.
Our class sizes being small, the number of children interacting on the playground at a given time is very reduced.
A strict timetable and protocol is in place for drop off and pick up times:


Primary KS2 8:45-8:50AM 3:50PM
Primary KS2 8:50-8:55AM 3:55PM
Nursery and Preprimary 8:55-9:05AM 4:00PM
Primary Wednesday Program 9:05-9:10AM 4:05PM


Lunch time

We have rearranged the lunchroom to ensure greater safety distances between students at primary and secondary level. Tables and benches are disinfected between each group of students.

Pre-primary and nursery students eat in their classroom with a teacher.


Health information

Parental involvement is key to help us ensure all conditions are met to safely run classes:

Parents are asked to carefully monitor any symptoms in their child. Any child with symptoms or a temperature over 38.0°C will not be accepted into school and should consult a doctor. 


Procedure in case of a suspected case at school:

Possible symptoms are: Cough, sneezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue, digestive troubles, fever, etc…


If a child/staff member shows possible symptoms, the following steps will be taken:

Immediate isolation of the student/adult in a dedicated room allowing their supervision pending their return home or medical care, with a mask for children old enough to wear one. Imperative compliance with barrier gestures.
Parents/guardians will be called immediately to pick up the student, respecting barrier gestures.
Parents should avoid contact with other individuals, and consult a doctor, who will decide whether and how to screen the student if necessary.
Thorough disinfecting of the room where the person was isolated after a standby time of a few hours.

The student can return to class only after having been authorized to do so by a physician, or received feedback from a doctor of the Covid-19 platform.



We are extremely thankful that education can carry on from within the school walls. Together, we are convinced that we can make this challenging time a positive one for the students, where learning and sharing can carry on.


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