Malherbe International Secondary School is a bilingual middle school that prides itself on a personalized approach to education where each students’ needs are taken into account.


Located just next to the main MIS Primary building, MIS Secondary welcomes students between the ages of 11 and 13. The small class sizes at MISS allow each student to benefit from an individualized program and to develop his/her confidence in a supportive yet challenging environment.

All core academics follow the English National Curriculum and the French National Curriculum, preparing our students for success in an international, British, or French high school.

A French Immersion Program is available for our French learners to help them make a smooth transition to France. This program aims to provide our French learners with a strong foundation in their French speaking, reading and writing to be able to study other core subjects through French. Students benefit from French language classes, but also are exposed to French history, citizenship and mathematics lessons.

We offer a truly bilingual education to our students, within a small class setting allowing each child to excel. 

Students in their final year of middle school will be preparing for the IGCSE examinations, as well as the Brevet National des Collèges for families who choose this option.

Student-oriented Environment

With a target number of 12 students per class, the small class sizes at MISS allow each student to benefit from an individualized program. Students successfully attain and master all of the required middle level skills while working at their own pace. The teacher’s role is that of a facilitator guiding each individual student, rather than teaching to the class as a whole. 

The MISS team encourages students to understand their personal capabilities and to push themselves beyond their comfort zone while exploring and mastering the curriculum.

Weekly Time
English Language & Humanities
6 hours
French Language & Humanities
6 hours
4.5 hours
4 hours
3 hours
Arts & Technology
2 hours
Physical Education
2 hours
Simple mathematical calculations


While most subjects are taught either in English following the English National Curriculum, or in French following the French national curriculum, we have made the choice to offer our students a double exposure to Mathematics, as the teaching approaches differ quite a lot in France and the UK. This allows our students to use technical terms appropriately in both languages, while also being able to apply the different presentation expectations depending on the language of instruction.


History & Geography​

History and Geography are taught both in English and in French by the specialist English and French language teachers. This allows History and Geography to be taught as an integrated subject rather than in isolation from Literature and Language skills. Having History taught both in English and in French also provides an opportunity for students to be exposed to different points of views on historical events​.



At MISS, we place a high value on encouraging the students’ inquisitiveness. Science is taught through a combination of theoretical knowledge and regular hands-on experiments to encourage the students to develop a thorough scientific approach and understanding. We follow the English National Curriculum for the three scientific areas of Chemistry, Physics and Biology.


Other Subjects​

Movement and Physical Exercise is promoted in our school. The students were lucky to have Golf lessons at the nearby sports and convention center “Les Pyramides” in the first term. The weekly sessions included a 20mn bicycle ride both ways along the Seine river to reach the Golf center. Students also receive instruction in Visual arts and Technology.






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