Practical Details


Our well-balanced, nutritious, hot meals are catered by Convivio.

Various dietary options such as no pork or vegetarian options are available.

Nursery and pre-primary children eat lunch from 11:45-12:30 in their classrooms, while primary and secondary pupils have lunch in two services in the lunchroom. Our catering company strives to source food locally and offers at least one organic component at each meal.

In order to view our menus, please go to the following link: Click on Connexion, then create your user profile (with your personal email and select your personal password) and then enter the code: GTSS66 as the “code établissement”.

Hens for Environmental Sustainability

We house four hens, giving us a special way to tackle organic waste and fight climate disruption. Hens are nature’s recyclers, turning our leftover lunchroom scraps into nourishing eggs and fertilizer for our garden.

As omnivores (able to digest plant and animal foods) each hen gobbles up to 300g of leftovers daily, helping our school to cut its food waste. Their scratching, preening, and socializing introduce endless entertainment for our students as well as first-hand contact with a beautiful creature.

All classes participate in the daily care of our hens on a rotating basis by feeding them and collecting their eggs, as well as by helping clean the coop.

School Uniform

We believe that a uniform encourages a sense of unity and common purpose – a particularly important consideration as we endeavor to welcome children from a wide variety of countries and provide them with a true sense of belonging. Uniforms are worn by all students and are available for purchase on our school premises.

The mandatory uniform is:

  • white polo shirt (long or short-sleeved) with school logo
  • navy and green tartan trousers, shorts or skirt
  • navy school cardigan or jumper
  • white or navy socks
  • a school PE kit is also worn by primary students for sports lessons

School Year Calendar


Autumn Term

Wed., September 1Open Doors Day (2pm-4pm)
Thu., September 2School starts
Thu., September 9thPrimary School information meeting (6:30-8pm)
Tue., September 14thNursery & Pre-Primary information meeting (6:30-7:45PM)
Wed., September 15thPrimary Wednesday program information meeting (8am)
Wed., October 27Beginning of Toussaint holidays
Mon., November 8Classes begin again
Thu., November 11Bank holiday — School closed
Sat., December 18Beginning of Christmas holidays

Winter Term

Mon., January 3Classes begin again
Fri., February 18Staff day - School closed
Sat., February 19Beginning of winter holidays
Mon., March 7Classes begin again
Mon., April 18Easter Monday — School closed
Sat., April 23Beginning of spring holidays

Spring Term

Mon., May 9Classes begin again
Thu., May 26Ascension—School closed
Fri., May 27Leap Friday (Ascension) – school closed
Mon., June 6Pentecost – School closed
Tue., July 5Last day of school for the children

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