Wednesday Program

Wednesday Program at MIS

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year should be received between March 1st and April 5th, 2024.

Our Wednesday program welcomes English-speaking children who are currently enrolled in other schools (public French school, international sections etc.).

Students are expected to speak English fluently to enter Year 1 (age 5) and should have prior exposure to reading and writing in English to enter Year 2 (age 6).  We are able to welcome primary students with a beginner or developing level of English only in our full-time Primary program, which offers a high level of immersion, allowing students to become quickly bilingual. 

Students can attend classes on Wednesdays for a half-day or full-day to continue practising their English literacy skills in a full immersion context.


Students at the primary level will join a dedicated Wednesday class and focus on developing their English language skills in speaking, reading and writing following the English National Curriculum learning objectives corresponding to their year group.

The students will cover learning objectives in the three key areas of language: Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Our Wednesday program is a wonderful way for your children to reinforce their English academic skills as a complement to their regular school program.

Regular exposure to English at home is essential for success in our Wednesday program, and a certain level of parent involvement to make sure homework is completed, is required.


Children of nursery or pre-school age (2-5 years old) will integrate one of our full-time classes on Wednesdays and join in with their daily routine. These classes follow the Montessori approach, with many opportunities to develop the children’s social and academic skills.

Below is an overview of the typical routine in our preprimary classes:
8:40-8:50 AM
Children arrive, put slippers on, hang up coats and post their name.
8:50:00-9:20 AM
Circle time, registration, and singing. We also chat about our current topic, or do other group activities such as show & tell or Jolly Phonics practice.
9:20-10:50 AM
Free work time. Students will choose Montessori materials from the different classroom areas and the teacher will help them develop their skills and learn new concepts, either working 1:1 or in small groups.
10:50-11:05 AM
Tidy-up time and get ready to go out.
11:05-11:30 AM
Outdoor playtime.
11:35-12:20 PM
Lunch in the classroom. Children take turns to help set the tables.
12:20-1:05 PM
Outdoor playtime.
1:05-1:35 PM
Circle time.
1:35-3:30 PM
Free work time and arts and crafts.
3:30-3:50 PM
Circle time: usually story time.
3:50 PM
Pick-up time.

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