International Week at MIS

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The first week of October this year was International Week at MIS. This was a week of extraordinary sharing about each of our students’ cultures and leaning many facts about various world countries. A few highlights of the week included:

  • A large number of amazing parent presentations: thank you to our families!
  • Many art projects, such as Australian rainmakers in Reception/Year 1 or Omani khanjar making in Year 3
  • A Congolese dance workshop for our Year 2-6 students on Monday
  • In-class student presentations with some very creative posters and well-prepared Power Point documents
  • Students performing songs and playing the piano for the school

The week culminated in a fantastic picnic which was shared with the students and their parents thanks to all the delicious culinary specialties that were brought in.

We are greatful for the diversity of our school community, and look forward to continuing to learn from one another throughout the year!



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